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Monday, July 30, 2012

Best brands of Foods!!!!!

None of our foods have any ingredients from China, or contain any corn, wheat, or soy. We closely monitor recalls and verify that our companies are making the best, safe products for your pet.  If its not on this list there is probably a reason we don't like it. Please feel free to contact us with questions and to ask for more details.
Raw Foods- We recommend all pets eat at least some raw or dehydrated, just as you should eat veggies in your diet.  These foods are safe & healthy.
Answers+- Cleansing & Healing, Made in PA
Raw Advantage- All organic, Made in WA
Nature’s Logic- Great Price, Made in Nebraska.
Northwest Naturals – Convenient, Made in OR
Untamed – Great Variety, Made in Colorado
Patty’s Patties – Homemade, Made in Colorado
Hoo-RAW- Cat friendly, Made in Colorado
PeopleFud – Tastes great, Made in Colorado
Bravo- Great variety &meat blends, Made in CT
Vital Essentials – All Meat Blends, Made in WI
OC Raw – Exotic Meat Blends, Made in CA
Primal – Cat Friendly, Made in CA
Dehydrated Raw Foods-
NRG, Made in Canada
Ziwi Peak, Made in New Zealand
Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance & Artisan, Made in California
Addiction Foods, Made in New Zealand
The Honest Kitchen, Made in California 
Additional Dry Foods-
Orijen and Acana, Nature's Logic, Canine Caviar, Earthborn, Great Life, Nutrisca, Darford, Horizon, Pulsar, Fromm.
Canned Foods- Weruva, Tiki (Petropics), Ziwi Peak, Addiction, Tripett, Evanger’s, Party Animal, Nature’s Logic, Great Life, Canine Caviar.